6 June, 2023

Top 15 Support KPIs & Metrics for For Customer Support Teams

Customer Service KPIs & Metrics See 18 Top Examples

kpis for customer support

The right data will show you exactly what aspects of your customer service and the customer experience (CX) you’re providing could use some attention. By gathering and monitoring customer service data, you’ll have the tangible evidence needed to inform decisions and process improvements. Bad customer service reviews are extremely important to help identify specific areas that are negatively affecting your customer’s experience.


This metric is a good way to track the progress of your customer service team. If the backlog is consistently increasing, then your team is probably not keeping up with the customer demand. The average message volume per agent can vary greatly depending on the industry, company size, and customer support model. For example, a small business with a few hundred customers might have an average of messages per day per agent.

Abandon Rate

Benchmarking agents or reps creates healthy competition and, conversely, lets you identify those that may need additional nurturing. Interactions per ticket are the average number of actions necessary to close a ticket. This involves the number of times agents joined a conversation, chat transfers, or file uploads. CES focuses on the ease of issue resolution, while CSAT focuses on satisfaction with the overall customer experience.

kpis for customer support

If you’re seeing a high volume of tickets relative to your customer base, customers are experiencing a lot of problems. The escalation rate is a percentage that represents the number of support tickets that escalate to a person with more experience or specialized knowledge. The person receiving the escalated ticket is typically a supervisor or manager. Analyzing the reasons why customers contact support is just as important as how fast their issues are resolved. Monitoring customer-reported issues can help you determine gaps in your instruction and training materials.

First response time

It might also become apparent that focusing on just one area at a time will leave major blind spots. Customer service KPIs and metrics will help you and your team level up everything from your daily tasks to your annual goals. Determine exactly what those long-term goals are and work your way backward. Reviewing the total number of tickets solved helps you measure how productive and effective your team is. One of the most important aspects of measuring progress is monitoring and analyzing results. Here, we’ll explain the most important and common KPI metrics for customer service as well as how and when to use them.

kpis for customer support

After all, customers shouldn’t feel like resolving their issue is a worse experience than what they were contacting the service team about in the first place. Let’s say your total operating costs are $20,000 per month and your team resolved 2,000 tickets. With REVE Chat, you can start a free trial of feature-rich customer support software and redefine your customer service. Acquiring new customers indeed improves your brand image, however, retaining them for longer-term shows that you have developed trust & loyalty with the customer retention strategies.

And who would know better customers’ pain points and objectives than a customer service team that communicates with them every day? That’s the reason upselling and cross-selling often happen in customer service. Agents could organically offer an upgrade as a solution to the user’s issue — that’s your upsell right there. If you see that messages pile up for hours without a reply, it’s probably time to grow your team, review their performance and improve some processes. Things like canned responses and knowledge base integration can also help to speed up the process. CSAT (customer satisfaction score) reveals whether a customer experience was good or bad.

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To calculate it, divide the number of abandoned customer service inquiries by the total number of inquiries. Consumers are usually happiest when their issue can be resolved quickly. To find your average resolution time, find the sum of all case resolution durations, then divide this by the total number of customer cases.

The operative word is “key,” which means you’ll be concentrating on indicators that impact your customer service performance and which help you reach your goals. “If you can not measure it, you can not improve it,” said Scottish scientist William Thomson. This adage underscores the relevance of establishing and applying KPIs in any organization regardless of its nature. These identifiers are flexible enough to encapsulate many of the major areas of a department like customer support. For instance, you can measure a KPI like service time and match it with the rate of satisfied customers within a given timeframe. This way, you can adjust your workforce’s workflow if the customer satisfaction rate is low.

Customer service metrics are performance indicators used for tracking, measuring, and analyzing the efficiency of customer service teams and agents. They include things like satisfaction scores or average response time. By tracking these numbers, businesses can identify areas of improvement and take steps to optimize the customer experience.

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When customers have to wait for a long time to get in touch with the agent, it becomes frustrating for them. In order to reduce your response time, you must either scale your support agents or implement a chatbot. Chatbots can handle https://www.metadialog.com/ the basic queries 24×7 when your agents are busy or unavailable, which reduces the number of support tickets raised and human handover. As a smart business leader, you want to serve your customers as best as you possibly can.

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Product demos shouldn’t take more than minutes of their time, but their effect is much more powerful than that of any other channel. Once people see how your business can solve their problems in real-time, making a buying decision is much easier. What does technical support have to do with selling and growing revenue? You’ll be able to focus on customer-driven solutions that drive your business forward. Subtract the percent of detractors from the percent of promoters for a given time period to reveal NPS.

Various discounts and loyalty programs are a proven way to retain people who stick with your brand for a long time. Without a doubt, customer service plays a crucial role in building trusting relationships. However, it’s virtually impossible to build an effective loyalty and retention strategy without a solid, reliable, and viable product kpis for customer support or service. As a result, they were getting more bonuses, which is a win-win situation for everyone — for a business, for CSMs, and for our customers. In theory, customer service questions can be solved with a single answer. Support agents often need more information to fully understand the question, prompting a second email.

kpis for customer support